Lightfalls is a dental, aesthetic, regenerative, preventive and cosmedic clinic that focus on healthy aging and dental hygiene.

Lightfalls Dental

Lightfalls Cosmedic

Lightfalls Dental Clinic, operating on the upper floor at their location in Melle, is a high-end dental practice where clients can receive the regular dental treatments, check-up appointments and specializations such as orthodontics, implantology, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Besides the regular activities as a dental practice, they are among other things also specialized in porcelain veneers and special occlusion correcting bite plates for people with back, neck & headache complaints as well as treatments for athletes. Dental hygienist is a new market in Belgium with max growth potential due to shrinking regular dentist populations.

Lightfalls Cosmedic Clinic, operating on the ground floor at their location in Melle, is a multidisciplinary, medical aesthetic clinic. The mission is to make the client feel better in their own skin, literally and figuratively. The clinic offers medical expertise using cutting edge techniques in a five-star setting. The necessary doctors are available who can professionally perform the specialized treatments. For example, for a tattoo removal it is required by law that it is performed by a doctor.

Lightfalls Belgium

Medical expertise
Team of absolute experts and doctors with extensive knowledge, experience an d professionalism.

Innovative working method
Always aware of the latest developments in regenerative and cosmetic medicine. Cutting edge techniques are constantly being evaluated on their effectiveness before using them on patients.  

Five-star service
The best treatments in a pleasant setting. The client experiences a personal guidance from start to finish in a comfortable atmosphere.

Snapshot of the treatments

The interaction between the dental and the cosmedic services is very dynamic.


We believe the market for cosmetic dentistry keeps on growing and we are the only true one day makeover solution in the dentistry market. Combined with an affordable price, we believe there is a market for a combo (dental and beauty) clinic in every population area of 2,000,000 residents or more.

Europe’s non-invasive aesthetic treatment market is expected to reach 5.830 million Euro in 2028 from 2.337 million Euro in 2021, and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 13,9 % from 2021 to 2028. Non-invasive aesthetic treatment have gained popularity in the past few years due to advantages such as minimal downtime, no scars, low cost and fewer complications.  

Investment highlights

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    Out of pocket expenditures for health will continue to grow  

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    Exceptional patient experience combined with clinical excellence and safety

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    Retail approach applied to health  

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    Lightfalls Clinic is changing the vision to regeneration, aesthetics and prevention

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    More than pure cosmedic & aesthetic  

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    Bringing both people and doctors to comfortable and safe environments