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PlusU’s Partner Program allows you to invest in own success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to become a PlusU partner in my area?

How to become a PlusU partner in my area? Please contact one of our experts via the submission form below or via to receive more information about the requirements for starting a PlusU clinic.


How long has PlusU been in business for?

The people of PlusU started off more than 20 years ago by introducing the GlamSmile concept, the first complete workflow in cosmetic dentistry from patient acquisition until final production and placement of veneers. Over time the other projects followed, still using the patient-centric approach, which is the core of our business today.


Can you provide information about the financial background of the company?

We can provide our historical and current financials along with projections for the years to come upon request. Please contact for more information.


Can I speak with an account executive?

Please email with your question or fill in the submission form below. One of our account executives will get back to you as soon as possible.