At GlamSmile we have pioneered veneers as the solution of choice for teeth makeovers. Led by Hollywood we have grown accustomed to assimilating beauty and success with beautiful well maintained teeth.

Our impact in numbers


Veneers are placed yearly on average per clinic


new patients yearly per clinic


Monthly sales in the dental clinic using

GlamSmile Belgium

Dr Evelyne Jacquemyns (clinical director of GlamSmile) got her training in cosmetic dentistry, became the founder of the Cosmetic Dentistry Association in Belgium and has been building a succesfull cosmetic dental practice.
The fact that veneers provided such beautiful results led her to explore how we could make these (talent and Labor) intensive procedure more predictable and more within reach of more people financially.

At GlamSmile we started creating digital tools to make this happen. We needed to be able to preview the results and make the entire procedure a step to step guide to a successful smile, achievable by any dental clinic.

"Chair in - Chair out"
concept was born.

About Try-On

Together with Dr Evelyne Jacquemyns, GlamSmile created a digital workflow that was able to digitally design and preview the new smile. It created digital reshape guides that is helping the dentist to prep the teeth to receive the veneers without the guesswork associated with non guided preparations. This resulted in the fact that we could eliminate the temporary veneers as the lab could now take the virtual preparation into account before making the veneers. Evelyne went further and created a placement tray allowing the dentist to seat all the veneers in one movement. A new industry was born.

We could be sure of the end result and we have created a “paint by numbers” cosmetic industry. The software is proprietary developed and is the only dedicated dental software made for the dental cosmetic industry.

However, deciding that we wanted to do more veneers than anybody else on the planet is just a decision. To make this a reality we had to create the second part of the success story. Namely “how to get new patients every month of the year. Year after year”.

Leads generation

PlusU has created the most advanced, industry dedicated CRM platform for generating leads using the ever changing panoply of platforms. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
Once again there was no readily  

available software that could fill these shoes. We had to create our own. It has now evolved over the years and has become the Centerstone to manage our business.

WitMetrics Ecosystem

WitMetrics is used to power our online campaigns and tracks every imaginable data point to optimize the campaign.


The WitMetrics CRM system is fully adaptable to the clinic and helps dental teams manage internal processes related to their sales and marketing funnel.


WitMetrics Unison is a communication & collaboration platform. It brings together practices, labs, designers, and everyone else who’s involved in completing a successful case.


Insights WitMetrics provides report dashboards & business insights presented in a clean, straight-forward fashion enabling you to quickly see how your practices are performing.

SmileMe Software

SmileMe is a proprietary developed software that can be used in store or online to give a preview of how a person would look with a new smile.

This is done in seconds and creates an excitement for the customer, but is also used at the intake in the clinics to understand the needs and desires of our customers. GlamSmile has the biggest database in the world of unique designed veneers. It is allowing us to offer SAME DAY SMILES.

Try-on is the most direct way of convincing a customer

About Try-On

The “Try-On” consists of a full designed case but instead of manufacturing the veneers we print a smile based on the design of the veneers as a clip-on.

GlamSmile Flow

Over the past 20 years our averages have improved and are very stable. So once we had found the right metrics for the marketing the expansion and the forecast became pretty easy.


Lead generation using digital marketing strategy


Lead follow up by Smile Consultant


Intake appointment within 1 week or online


Treatment acceptance and intraoral scan


Design and production of final case


Placement of the veneers

Leads total per month (2022)
Cost per lead
Appointments intake
Appointments done
Average amount
Number of leads per sale
Cost per sale
Cost per sale %
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Average Bench
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TOTAL sales average per month 2022 = 210.448€


We believe the market for cosmetic dentistry keeps on growing and we are the only true one day makeover solution in the dentistry market. Combined with an affordable price, we believe there is a market for a combo (dental and beauty) clinic in every population area of 2,000,000 residents or more.


A Greenfield location requires an initial outlay of about 1 million Euro (leasehold improvements and equipment) in addition of working capital of about 250 000 Euro. At every location we have 5 FTE team or equivalent for the Dental division. In larger successful areas the teams can be two or threefold.

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    Smile Consultant (sales and marketing)

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    Dental Assistant  

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    Front Desk 

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    Lab support  

Smile Design is done in an offsite location.

In the investment we include the equipment needed to produce the veneer clip for marketing purposes and do the intra oral scanning.