WitMetrics is used to power our online campaigns and tracks every imaginable data point to optimize the campaign.

WitMetrics Ecosystem


The WitMetrics CRM system is fully adaptable to the clinic and helps dental teams manage internal processes related to their sales and marketing funnel.


WitMetrics Unison is a communication & collaboration platform. It brings together practices, labs, designers, and everyone else who’s involved in completing a successful case.


Insights WitMetrics provides report dashboards & business insights presented in a clean, straight-forward fashion enabling you to quickly see how your practices are performing.

Leads generation

PlusU has created the most advanced, industry dedicated CRM platform for generating leads using the ever changing panoply of platforms. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc etc.
Once again there were no readily  

available software’s that could fill these shoes. We had to create our own. It has now evolved over the years and has become the Centerstone to manage our business.