Metrics in Balance

Metrics in Balance is a healthcare company where we collect hi-tech data of the individual to restore their natural balance on all three different levels of health: structural, lifestyle and emotional.

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What sets us apart and holds us together

A constant quest for new trends and technologies.
Driven by technological breakthrough, and a collective consumer belief, we expect that new healthcare concepts will outgrow the traditional healthcare model.

Go-to-market as our core business
To truly turn a concept into a viable business, a key skill is the ability to rapidly generate a constant stream of paying customers for it. This, we have turned into our core capability, and believe it is it the largest added value for our ventures to day.

B2C and B2B2C
We are big believers in B2C models, but believe at the same time that professional prescribers can be the accelerator for treatments, have a higher lifetime value, and keep operations light within the venture.

4P principles of healthcare

1. Personalized

We try not to categorize patients/customers or have a “protocol” for each condition. Every
person is unique and that is why it is good to look at the individual behind every complaint or condition. Personalized healthcare is the

2. Participating

Covid has taught us that not everything can be solved with a magic pill and that we better take our responsibility to work on a healthier lifestyle. People want to know how their body works and guided in its optimization.

3. Predictive

Thanks to all the data that we can collect as a result, we will be able to work predictively on both an individual and a collective level.

4. Prevention

To measure = to know!
By getting to know your body better, you gain certain insights that are useful to prevent certain disorders through lifestyle adjustments.