Medialab is one of the last independent 3D developers with extensive experience in the dental field.

Medialab products

Media Lab Guided Surgery Products
Media Lab has developed a series of software products dedicated to guided surgery for dental implants based on CAD/CAM.

Guide design suite
Design software released in 2017, a specific Implant 3D module that allows the design of guides for performing implant-prosthetic operations in guided surgery. Simply by selecting the edge of the surgical guide and the type of sleeve to use, GuideDesign generates a STL file ready to be printed with a 3D printer.

Implant 3D Software
Implant 3D is a software, developed in 2007 by Media Lab, and helps dental surgeons to plan the prosthesis implant operation by identifying both the implants and mandibular canal positions through accurate measurements and bone density calculation. The 3D calculation is done directly onto the personal computer within the dental practice, allowing implant simulations.

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